Agricultural study trips and excursions to Russia

The Russian Black Earth Region and the south of Russia are always worth a visit, this as well from an agricultural as from a touristic point of view. Get to know the region and Russians agriculture by visiting corresponding companies, listening to several lectures and by meeting capable interlocutors and experts.

Small family owned farms can be visited as well as huge agricultural holdings, various types of production and companies of the up- and downstream sectors. If wanted we can offer a varied touristic program (Moscow, sightseeing tours, boat-ride on river Don, visting a stud, a monastic town, cultural events).

Our essential quality feature is the high standard of our journeys. Every trip is individually planned and will be accompanied by trustworthy and experienced travel companions. You will meet a lot of interesting persons and will have the possibility of networking and exchanging information in an exciting atmosphere.

We are pleased to create a journey according to your wishes, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

Our program is aimed at:

  • individuals, groups, tour operators
  • industry, agricultural engineering companies, seed companies, associations, institutions, politics, stock-breeding business
  • all companies and businesses which like to provide their customers an overview of the Russian agricultural development and offer them the special attraction „Russia“
  • prospective investors
  • everybody who is interested in agriculture and in Russia

Russia - Land of Extremes

The German and Russian agriculture economics are very close connected for a long time. This connection is an important part of the partnership between both countries. Leading companies in agricultural engineering and food industry are located in the Russian Black Earth Region.

Russia is a land of extremes. Particularly in the agricultural sector, Russia is marked by extreme contrasts. Huge agricultural holdings, equipped with modern farm technology, operate next to small family owned farms with a horse and cart.

Experience the difference between the metropolis Moscow with its 14 millions inhabitants, the cities in the Black-Earth-Region or South Russia and the rural life.

Russia offers an incredible vastness and fascinating landscape which you are invited to enjoy as much as the traditional cultural and culinary specialities. The exchange with residents you are going to meet, with Russian farmers, foreigners living for a long-time in Russia and with several other guests, will give you an insight into the Russian way of life, work, thinking and pleasure and also into the Russian soul.