Service areas of Agrixperia

Agricultural consultation

Together with independent advisers and consultants we build a large network of agricultural experts who can help to find the right solution for every problem.

This offer is aimed at agricultural companies and holdings in the area of Central and South Russia.

  • economical analysis and evaluation of certain projects
  • process optimization in crop production
  • process optimization in livestock farming (cattle- and pig production)
  • optimization of use of technology
  • training measures

Training for Russian agricultural managers and agricultural experts

We have a large network and a wide range of intensive contacts to experts. This enables us to offer practice-oriented trainings given by specialist having extensive knowledge and great experience.

  • training measures
  • organization of conferences
  • seminars
  • lectures

Our advanced trainings (production technology plant and livestock, choice and use of technology, optimization of logistics and organization) are aimed at agricultural managers and agricultural experts.